Zesty and Exciting Spicy Menu

Zesty and Exciting Spicy Menu

Allow us to introduce some zesty and exciting spicy menu items selected from the new menu at SUMIBI Cikarang.

In the popular "Chinese Style" category, perfect for accompanying your drinks, we have the recommended "Unagi with Spicy Mala & Chinese Chives," along with "Steamed Chicken with Green Onions Sesame & Spicy Mala," "Stir-fried Sweet Sour Pork," and "Spicy Mapo Tofu with Mozzarella." We also offer starters like "Deep-fried Corn with Spicy Seasoning" and "Fried Fishcake with Grated Radish." Enjoy these spiced dishes while savoring your drink.

As for spicy noodle dishes, we recommend "Ramen with Spicy Sesame Soup" and "Ramen with Sliced Beef & Spicy Mala Soup." We also have variations of the "Ramen with Spicy Sesame Soup," including "Dry Ramen with Spicy Sesame Sauce," "Ramen with Pork Katsu & Sesame Soup," and "Dip-style Ramen with Spicy Sesame Soup." Feel free to give these a try as well.

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