Teppan Menu at SUMIBI Cikarang

Teppan Menu at SUMIBI Cikarang

Introducing the Teppan category from our extensive new menu at SUMIBI Cikarang. Our top recommendations include the "Teppan Unagi & Macaroni Hotplate with Cheese Gratin" and the "Teppan Tuna Cheek, Chinese Chives Hotplate with Soy Sauce." For those who enjoy a spicy dish that pairs well with drinks, we also suggest the "Teppan Gizzard & Edamame Hotplate." We also offer a fusion of Japanese and Western flavors with dishes like the "Teppan Squid & Mushroom with Miso Butter" and the "Teppan Ricecakes with Carbonara Sauce & Cheese." Additionally, we have unique variations of the classic Japanese omelette, known as "Japanese Omelette with Curry, Udon & Okonomiyaki Sauce" and "Japanese Omelette with Dried Fish & Cheese." Enjoy our Teppan menu at SUMIBI Cikarang, accompanied by beer or an Izakaya Highball, for a delightful dining experience.

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