Featured New Menu at SUMIBI Cikarang

Featured New Menu at SUMIBI Cikarang

Thank you for choosing SUMIBI Cikarang. We are delighted to announce that starting from May 15th, we have introduced new menus at SUMIBI Cikarang. We highly recommend our alcohol menu, the "Starter" category, and the "Chinese Style" category.

At SUMIBI Cikarang, we offer Sake, Izakaya Highball, Vodka Cocktail, Beer, Plum Wine, Sochu/Soju, and Wine on our alcohol menu. We have Sake options such as "TATENOKAWA HONRYU KARAKUCHI JUNMAI DAIGINJO" and "DASSAI 39 JUNMAI DAIGINJO". As for the starter category, we recommend dishes like "Japanese Egg Omelette" and "Deep-Fried Beef Tenderloin Katsu Roll".

"Chinese Style" is one of the popular categories at SUMIBI Cikarang. We have prepared a lineup of dishes that pair well with alcoholic beverages, including our recommended "Fried Scallops & Shrimp with Golden Mayo Sauce" and "Unagi with Spicy Mala & Chinese Chives"
Enjoy a delightful time with the alcohol menu and dishes at SUMIBI Cikarang.

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